Three Minute Squiz

Three Minute Squiz With… Cindy Barry

Cindy Barry is one of those people who once you meet, you don’t forget. Her terrific energy and get-on-with-it attitude mean she’s someone you want on your team. So we were thrilled to find that 1. she’s a Squizer, and 2. she’s the CEO of DonateLife, the government’s organ donation authority. Because such an important cause needs someone like her to push it along. Please welcome Cindy to the Three Minute Squiz.

25 September 2018

Three Minute Squiz With… Amber Turnbull

Amber Turnbull is the General Manager of Just Cuts, the Aussie start-up-turned-franchise-business. She’s a ball of fun and an advocate for the benefits of meditation to manage an at-times stressful job. She’s a solid Squizer so we’re stoked to have her for a Three Minute Squiz.

20 September 2018

Footy Finals 2018

Need to get your footy chat up to scratch? Two Squizers take you through it here.

16 September 2018

Amanda Blair’s Baked Lemon Slice

Adelaide Show baked goods prize-winner Amanda Blair says; “This was published in The Australian Blue Ribbon cookbook, a brilliant book by Liz Harfull. She detailed me and many other show cooks. So if you want more inside tips from show cooks, get that book.”

13 September 2018

Three Minute Squiz With… Amanda Blair

Confession time: we have a bit of a crush on Amanda Blair. She’s an ace woman who conquered radio, writes for the Woman’s Weekly, got her Tarago painted to resemble a Hot Wheels car, enters her baked goods in the Adelaide Show and rates compassion above all else. Please welcome Amanda to the Three Minute Squiz.

12 September 2018

Three Minute Squiz With… Kerri Elstub

Kerri Elstub – one of the first people to read The Squiz every morning – has a big job. She’s the digital editorial director of Nine’s lifestyle, news and sport websites 9honey.com.au, nine.com.au, 9news.com.au and WWOS.com.au. Before that she was the supervising producer of A Current Affair. In her downtime, you can find her on […]

4 September 2018