Three Minute Squiz

Three Minute Squiz With… Siobhan Quinn

Siobhan Quinn is a new mum to gorgeous and happy bub Mason. She’s heading back to her big corporate job this week after six months maternity leave. Smart, funny, ambitious and about to hit the work/family situation head on, we caught up with her for this week’s Three Minute Squiz. How and where do you […]

31 July 2018

Three Minute Squiz With… Emily Brooks

Emily Brooks is part of a new generation of journalists. Smart and agile, Brooks started her career working at the Women’s Weekly. She went on to become an associate editor with HuffPost Australia. And now she’s editor of Future Women, a fab new club dedicated to the advancement of women. It’s just launched, and we’re […]

24 July 2018

Three Minute Squiz With… Evie Farrell

Evie Farrell is the queen of the sea change. She chucked in her high-flying corporate comms job in Sydney when the punishing hours meant she was hardly seeing her then six-year-old daughter, Emmie. She pooled the money she was going to spend on a kitchen reno, rented out her house and took off for 6 […]

17 July 2018

Three Minute Squiz With… Peter Crocker

Peter Crocker escaped ad agency land over a decade ago and is the editor of Flying Solo – a community for micro business owners (1-5 people) or anyone that wants to be inspired to ‘go it alone’. He is lives on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with his wife and two daughters (and dog) and is a keen listener […]

10 July 2018

Three Minute Squiz With… Astrid Jorgensen

We don’t have favourite subscribers. But just say we did… Astrid Jorgensen would be in with a good chance. Astrid is a musician, teacher and the founder of Pub Choir– a Brisbane-based community initiative that sees hundreds of people meet in a pub every month to share the joy of singing.And she got the most […]

3 July 2018

Three Minute Squiz With… Ali Gripper

Ali Gripper is an Aussie journalist whose book, The Barefoot Surgeon, tells the story of Nepalese ophthalmologist Dr Sanduk Ruit who trained under Aussie hero, Professor Fred Hollows. A Sydneysider, Gripper spent three years working closely with Ruit to capture his story. Here, she shares her experience with the Three Minute Squiz.

27 June 2018