Three Minute Squiz

Three Minute Squiz With… Shay Stafford

She had us at her secret Crunchie habit… Fitness professional and former Moulin Rouge dancer Shay Stafford is also partial to a deep fried Camembert and a good bottle of French red. A woman after our own heart! Please welcome Shay to the Three Minute Squiz.

30 October 2018

Three Minute Squiz With… Katie ‘Monty’ Dimond

Katie ‘Monty’ Dimond runs media company Show + Tell which describes itself as a site run by mates for you and your mates, and promises to share and over-share. Monty joins us for the Three Minute Squiz where we’re pleased to say she continues to over-share/completely charmed us with her down-to-earth, Aussie-gal sense of humour.

23 October 2018

Three Minute Squiz With… Serafina Maiorano

Serafina Maiorano is the global CEO for Advance – a platform to harness Australia’s expat talent, expertise and energy. She’s a Squizer we aren’t keen to compare passports stamps with as she has worked in the UK, Qatar, the UAE, Bahrain, Singapore, USA, China and India and is currently based in New York. Here, she takes on the Three Minute Squiz.

17 October 2018

Dennis Atkins’ Osso Buco

Dennis Atkins, the Courier-Mail’s national affairs editor is a bit of a foodie. And he’s been good enough to share his osso bucco recipe. Enjoy!

10 October 2018

Three Minute Squiz With… Dennis Atkins

Dennis Atkins is the National Affairs Editor for the Courier-Mail in Brisbane. Not only is he one of the most respected and insightful journalists covering federal politics, he’s a keen foodie and music fan. We’re chuffed Dennis is a Squiz fan and that he joined us for a Three Minute Squiz.

10 October 2018

Three Minute Squiz With… Kylie Merritt

Kylie Merritt is the CEO of newly-launched TV and digital channelYour Money. She started her career in journalism and is now on the commercial side of media. A Canberra-gal, she’s always good for a chat and a vino (“cool climate Chardonnay please”). We’re thrilled she has found time in launch week to join us for the Three Minute Squiz.

2 October 2018